Intermediate Photography Class | Louisville, KY | Fall 2015



Are you comfortable shooting in Manual Mode on your DSLR, but still feel like you could learn more about lighting and composition? Well then, join me for an afternoon behind your camera learning first hand how to look for the best lighting, backgrounds, and composition!




What’s Included:

This intermediate class will last approximately 4 hours and is highly interactive. I will cover how to find and utilize natural light, locations, depth of field, composition, and how to get genuine expressions. I will also cover equipment and if you’re a Canon shooter, you will have the opportunity to try out different lenses during the class.

What’s Required:

  • A Digital SLR camera (DSLR)
  • Knowledge of the exposure triangle and using the Manual Mode setting on your camera.
  • A lens. The lens that came with your camera will work just fine!. If you want to take your photography up a notch, consider purchasing a “Prime” lens. A good entry level lens is a 50mm f1.8 if you’re on a limited budget. If you want to purchase a new lens before the class, we can discuss what will be best for you after registration. Otherwise, lens options and uses will be discussed during the class

When: Sunday, October 11, 2015, from 2pm to 6pm

Where: Louisville, KY – Location TBD

How Much: This class is $200 per person. The class is limited to approximately 10 people to keep the class small for better one-on-one assistance. Sign up with a friend before August 30th and you both will receive $25 off your fee!!

“Where do I sign up!?!?”
E-mail me at or through my contact page to sign up. The fee is due within one week of registering. If not paid within one week, your spot will not be held. The fee is non-refundable.
After your payment is received, I will send you a link to a questionnaire to help me personalize the class to all the attendees!

Are you not comfortable shooting in Manual Mode yet and want to learn how?
I will be offering a beginners level class in September which will include how to shoot in manual mode and basics of lighting and composition.

Want to see images I’ve taken of my own kids? Check out this flickr set.

Please Note:  This class will not be covering any information on starting a photography business or editing. This class will only cover intermediate photography principles to help you take better photos of your kids and family. 

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