Meet Michelle

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Meet Michelle

Hi! I am a professional photographer going on 5 years now, but my love for photography started 15 years ago when I took a photography class in High School. I fell in love with the magic of the dark room and being able to capture the world as I see it. However, once in college I didn’t have the resources to follow my passion, so my beautiful SLR camera sat in a closet for many years while I got a degree in Hospitality Management and Business. There was a marriage to my High School sweetheart. A few moves care of the U.S. Navy. Then, after the birth of my second child, I decided to jump back into photography and into this new digital world. I began photographing my kids, friends, family, pets, pretty much anyone that would sit still long enough to allow me a few minutes to practice! I started my own photography business in 2011 and have been so grateful for the support of my family, friends, fellow photographers, and clients. This is a journey that I share with everyone and you can see a little bit of me in each image. I love COLOR. It’s all over my house, yellow (my favorite color), blue, turquoise, orange. Likewise, my closet has nary a stitch of blandness! It is filled with color: purple, pink, blues, turquoise, yellow. Vibrant colors just speak to me so you’ll see lots of color in my images… as well as some beautiful black and whites that really showcase the emotion of a moment.

I am a very natural person, you’ll hardly see me ever done up with makeup or jewelry. I am very animated and have a pretty bubbly personality, I talk a lot, and I can’t seem to stop my hands from joining in every conversation! My husband says his favorite part about me is my expressions. You’ll get to see those at our session as well where my goofiness will reign supreme! I will do just about anything to get a natural expression from your child and earn their trust by respecting their emotions and space. I cannot count how many times I’ve seen a super shy child at the beginning of a session, a giggly one in the middle, and a best friend at the end. When they reach for my hand to walk back to the car, I melt. Those are the moments that push me to be the best photographer I can be. A photography session isn’t just about taking pictures of your family… it’s about connection, trust, and above all… fun.

I hope to meet you soon and have a joy filled hour that your children will look forward to again and again.



Photo Credits
First image by my friend, Carla, over at Carla Thompson Photography
Second through fourth by Michelle Kersey Photography