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Why you should get portraits with your spouse…

So men, here’s the thing… it’s not a big secret… but us moms? We love pictures. I don’t know why exactly, but we do. We really just want to freeze time. Our kids grow so fast and we know it. So, we drag you to a family portrait session. Then your photographer catches you off guard. She wants to take a portrait of just you and your wife. You immediately think back to the last time you had a portrait taken of just you and your wife… your engagement/wedding portraits. You remember how awkward that felt. Please, push that aside. Here’s why…

spouse portrait louisville ky family photographer

For as much as we love our children… we also love YOU. Our husbands. The man we chose to spend the rest of our lives with. The father of our children. So, when your photographer (that’d be me, right?) pulls you aside for pictures with your beautiful wife during a family session…  be happy. be real. be you! You know how to get us to loosen up. What to say or do to make us laugh and get the real smiles. So do it. Have fun with your wife. Forget about the photographer for a minute, let her do her thing. You get to just look at your wife and revel in how lucky of a guy you are. Think about all the fun you’ve had. The crazy children you’re raising together. The amazing life you created. Think about how grateful you are for this woman whom you have your arms around. Hold her tight and enjoy the moment.

spouse portrait louisville ky family photographer

You two are the backbone of your family. Celebrate that. Throughout the ENTIRE family session celebrate that!! Have fun! Play with your kids. Hug your wife. You have immense power here guys… you can make your wife smile. REALLY smile. And you may just find that you insanely love the pictures of your wife looking so radiant and happy. Maybe even as much as she loves seeing you so happy.

spouse portrait louisville ky family photographer

Love. It’s a beautiful thing, don’t you think?

spouse portrait louisville ky family photographer

Thank you for your not only willing, but, joyful participation in your family session. Thank you for allowing your kids to have a beautiful portrait to look back on and see how much their parents loved each other. Your wife thanks you. I thank you. You guys rock.

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Louisville Stoneware Pottery | An Anniversary Story

My husband and I finally got to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary!!! Six months after the fact. 🙂 Between lots of fall sessions, my sons first season of soccer, the holidays, and my husbands crazy school + work schedule we just haven’t been able to carve time out to really do it up like we wanted to. You see, every year we get each other a gift from what the “traditional” gift is for that year. For the 8th anniversary, it’s Pottery (or Bronze.) We usually keep our gift giving pretty modest. For our 7th anniversary, I dug through my kids piggy banks to find pennies with each year that meant something to us and made this framed number 7 for our gallery wall.

March 2014 Web-2593.jpg

My husband gave me 9Volt Duracell Copper-top batteries. haha Isn’t he romantic?! OK, he did get me flowers too. But, the batteries made me laugh and actually came in handy during a middle of the night smoke detector battery replacement. So yeah, we definitely keep it simple for gifts and put thought and meaning into them. So, I was really excited for this one because I had the bright idea to go paint a piece of pottery together! To my amazement, my hubby actually LIKED the idea and was totally game. He is not the craftiest guy around, so I was pleasantly surprised. It stinks that it took us so long to finally celebrate. BUT, on the upside, we learned that our 9th wedding anniversary gift will be either pottery or willow. So, since we’re right in-between the two anniversaries, we joined them into one gift.

I looked on Groupon to see if any paint your own pottery places had specials. When I saw that Louisville Stoneware had a Groupon, I got really excited!!  I called them to confirm the details of what was included, they were so nice over the phone, and I couldn’t wait to do it. So, when my husband had Spring Break from school, we finally got to celebrate our anniversary!

When we first got there, we looked around at the pieces available to paint. The supplies we could use, stencils, stamps, etc. We (well, me) really wanted to decorate a platter. I don’t have a nice, big, platter to use for cookouts, holiday dinners, birthdays, etc. So, I was honestly disappointed to not see any large platters available to paint. Though there were a couple smaller ones. After speaking with the lady that was helping us (gosh I wish I remembered her name!) she mentioned that there used to be a large platter, but they’ve had to discontinue it because in it’s green (unfired) state, it’s very fragile, and many of them broke while being painted. But, fear not. The amazing, seriously, I can’t say that enough, amazing staff was able to procure one and allowed us to paint it. We would only get one attempt though, which was fine by me. To say I was grateful is an understatement, I could have kissed our helper. The staff there is just soooo wonderful.

March 2014 Web-2087.jpgMarch 2014 Web-2088.jpgMarch 2014 Web-2089.jpg

My husband and I spent quite a few minutes looking through books and thinking about what we could do. I had an idea in my mind of what I would like and we worked up a paper draft together. Sketched it onto the platter and then got to painting.

c74-March 2014 Web-2093.jpgc20-March 2014 Web-2095.jpgc39-March 2014 Web-2096.jpgc17-March 2014 Web-2104.jpgc99-March 2014 Web-2100.jpgc86-March 2014 Web-2107.jpgMarch 2014 Web-2086.jpgc52-March 2014 Web-2112.jpgc63-March 2014 Web-2115.jpgc74-March 2014 Web-2121.jpgc69-March 2014 Web-2117.jpgMarch 2014 Web-2090.jpg

I’m so happy to say it was really a joint effort. I did most of the figures and the small lettering, he did the big letters and his figure. We also tried to paint a rim around the platter. My mom handed down a Louisville Stoneware plate set which has the traditional blue rim around it, so I thought it would be nice to have it “match” a little bit. I gave it my best shot, but boy… the artists that do this for a living are insanely talented. The painting process was a little difficult for me. I am not a painter, I’m a photographer… and for a reason. 😉 It wasn’t stressful or anything though, we had a great time. However, I am a perfectionist, so I had a hard time not getting too nit picky. My husband did remind me many times to let go of my perfectionism, so that helped me relax a bit. haha By the time we finished painting, we really had no idea what it would look like once it was fired. The colors are so different and the blue lettering was so light, it was hard to imagine it fired. I was so nervous. But, I knew we would love it no matter what because it is something we created together.

Here is the final result!! It is by no means perfect, but neither are we! It is made with love though and was definitely a great experience! I am proud of our platter and I can’t wait to use it for my husbands graduation party that he doesn’t know we’re having! 😉

c70-March 2014 Web-2523.jpgApril 2014 Web-2606.jpg

The Groupon also included a tour of the facility, but we were a little late getting there, so we missed the first tour. And, we were still painting when the second tour started. I was pretty bummed about missing that part of the experience. BUT, the wonderfully amazing staff gave us vouchers to come back and do the tour another day. Which of course will have to wait until after my husband graduates in a few weeks.

I had such a wonderful experience, I am already thinking about doing it again as a family. I know my kids would LOVE to paint their own bowl or plate. They are so much more artistic with a paint brush than me and paint all the time.

Happy 8/9th Anniversary my love! Thank you for being by my side for all of lifes fun and crazy adventures… here is to many more years together.


P.S. This is not a paid post or anything like that. I intended to document our experience all along for ME, never knowing how wonderful the staff would be and how much I would feel the need to blog about it. I have a degree in Hospitality Management, and the level of customer service I received was just so impressive, I knew I had to tell the world. Louisville Stoneware. If you’re reading this… You Rock. Your staff is perfection. I cannot wait to come back. Oh, and we even came during the renovations, which was no problem and it didn’t effect our experience negatively at all. The staff was so incredibly attentive to our needs. I cannot wait to see the completed renovations! A 5star experience.

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Illuminate Photography Class | Louisville, KY

Did you get a DSLR for Christmas?! Or, have you had one for a while and are tired of not knowing how to use it to it’s fullest potential?? Would you like to know how to be THE BOSS of your camera and use it to take better pictures of your family!? You’re in luck! Michelle Kersey Photography is hosting another 4 hour class March 2nd!!

illuminate 2014.jpg

What’s Included:

  • 4 hours of instruction covering photography basics and how to shoot in manual mode
  • Snacks and Refreshments
  • Time to practice shooting during the class to get one-on-one assistance
  • A private facebook group for continued learning, feedback, and to help each other after the class is over!

What’s Required:

  • A Digital SLR camera (DSLR)
  • A lens. The lens that came with your camera will work just fine!. If you want to take your photography up a notch, consider purchasing a “Prime” lens. A good entry level lens is a 50mm f1.8 if you’re on a limited budget. If you want to purchase a new lens before the class, we can discuss what will be best for you after registration. Otherwise, lens options and uses will be discussed during the class
  • Your cameras manual – Bonus points for those that read it before the class!

When: Sunday, March 2nd, from 12pm to 4pm

Where: Studio Nulu; 1320 East Washington Street, Louisville, KY.

How Much: This class is $125 per person. The class is limited to approximately 10 people to keep the class small for better one-on-one assistance. Sign up with a friend before January 31st and you both will receive $25 off your fee!!

“Where do I sign up!?!?”
E-mail me at to sign up. The $125 fee is due within one week of registering. If not paid within one week, your spot will not be held. The fee is non-refundable.
After your payment is received, I will send you a link to a questionnaire to help me personalize the class to all the attendees!

Want to see images I’ve taken of my own kids? Check out this flickr set.

Please Note:  This class will not be covering any information on starting a photography business, advanced photography skills or editing. This class will only cover the basics of using your camera in Manual Mode to help you take better photos of your kids and family.

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Kersey Fall Family Portraits | Louisville, KY Photographer

This family’s name might sound a little familiar to you…. Why? Because these are my in-laws! While I photograph my niece and nephew a few times a year, the last time these fun people had a family session my nephew wasn’t even born yet!! Totally unacceptable! 🙂
We had some beautiful weather during our session… such a nice and sunny fall afternoon! The sun shining through the leaves… pretty much left me speechless but a little squealy during the session. I mean. Whoa. Check out that color!!! AH-MAZING!

fall family portraits louisville ky.jpgfall family portraits louisville ky 2.jpgc13-fall family portraits louisville ky 5.jpgfall family portraits louisville ky 4.jpgc73-fall family portraits louisville ky 3.jpgc7-fall family portraits louisville ky 6.jpg

I’m just so glad we were able to schedule a session and I’m thrilled to say they now have new family portraits hanging up in their house!! Makes me a happy sister-in-law and a happy photographer to have seen those when visiting yesterday!! Print those pics y’all!!!

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2013 Year in Review

To all the amazingly wonderful people that graced my camera in 2013…. THANK YOU!! Thank you so much for putting your trust in me to capture you, your family, your child, your event, or even your business product! I am beyond grateful for each and every one of you. Here’s to an amazing 2014!!

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