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Gunter Family Portraits | Louisville, KY Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting the Gunter family last fall for their family portraits! They have three insanely kind and sweet children. I loved watching their interactions with each other and how they look out for one another. We had such a great time exploring our location, especially Cole! While we were taking a brief break for a diaper change, I spotted Cole climbing and exploring the area we were in. I couldn’t resist capturing him in his “natural habitat” of being an adventurous little man. At the end of our session, mom had a special request… she wanted a picture of them in their UK gear. I was more than happy to oblige, be true to your school, right?! I can’t promise I’ll do this for Cards fans though… 🙂

Gunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2003.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2010.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2064.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2048-c53.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2050-2-c74.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2072.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2029 copy.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2091.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2157.jpgGunter-October-2014-Full-Resolution-2148-bw.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2118.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2246 copy-c76.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2201.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2180-2.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2221.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2246 copy.jpg

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Compton 6 Month Portraits

I loved catching up with one of my newborn babies and seeing how much sweet baby Adriana had grown. She’s an absolute doll! Her cute little smile, her cute little piggy toes, even her cute little serious face… Love it all. I could just eat her up!

Ariana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7190.jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7188 copy.jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7226.jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7282.jpgAriana Compton 6mo .jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7296.jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7433.jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7397.jpg

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Tse Family | Louisville, KY Portrait Photography

I seriously love when I have families come back for portraits. I LOVE seeing how much the kiddos have grown each year. I was beyond thrilled when the Tse Family came back for another Fall portrait session. And oh man. They. Rocked. Their. Session…. Again! It took a couple minutes for the little guy to warm back up to me, but once he did we were just golden. Our session was just fabulous! Full of laughs and smiles the whole time. My favorite part of my sessions with the Tse family is at the end when we turn the kids loose and let them play. They run. They play hide and seek. This year there were A TON of leaves, so of course we had to let them build a leaf pile and enjoy the perks of a Kentucky Fall!  The best for me was when Dad asked to get in on the jumping fun. Nothing melts my heart more than seeing a family having fun together… and capturing moments for them to look back on forever. Simply Priceless. I hope you all enjoy looking through the fun times that were had!

Oh, and here’s a video I made of their session… I dare you to watch it without laughing and crying. I can’t!

They’re just the most beautiful and fun family ever. I’m so blessed to do what I do.

Tse Fall 2014 For Web-3070.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3080.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3093.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3081 copy.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3132.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3149.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3161.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3162.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3184 copy.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3212.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3215.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3247.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3254.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3258.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3268.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3271.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3289.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3305.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3307.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3339 copy.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3349.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3351 copy.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3359.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3414.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3413.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3368.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3369.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3387.jpgTse Fall 2014 For Web-3402-c32.jpg


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Metten Family Portraits | Louisville, KY Photography

Another Fall session that was just SO AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS!! It’s been a few years since we had their last family portrait session, so I was thrilled to have them all back in front of my camera to capture how much this family has grown! These boys just have he most beautiful eyes and smiles. Love them to bits! Their mama is quite special to me too… she happens to be my best friend!

Metten Fall 2014 Web-4751.jpgMetten Fall 2014 Web-4771.jpgMetten Fall 2014 Web-4834.jpgMetten Fall 2014 Web-4821.jpgMetten Fall 2014 Web-4803.jpgMetten Fall 2014 Web-4861.jpgMetten Fall 2014 Web-4825.jpgMetten Fall 2014 Web-4911.jpgMetten Fall 2014 Web-4873.jpgMetten Fall 2014 Web-4891.jpgMetten Fall 2014 Web-4898.jpg



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Rechter Fall Family Portraits | Louisville KY Photographer

There’s not much that brings me more joy as a photographer than to see how much my clients kids have grown since our last session. Repeat clients are simply the best and make my heart go pitter patter. I was so thrilled when the Rechters chose me again to capture their family a year older. These kids are just so funny and so sweet. They love their lovies. They love their mommy and daddy. They love their thumbs. Joey is a strong little man that was all about showing me his muscles. And sweet little Paige and her baby blues stole my heart. This family also had an exchange student stay with them for the past year and they wanted to document her bond with the kids, which was just so fun to watch their interactions as well.
This is just the sweetest, most fun and loving family.

Rechter Fall 2014 For Web-3451.jpgMichelle Kersey Photography Rechter Blog 1.jpgMichelle Kersey Photography Rechter Blog 2.jpgMichelle Kersey Photography Rechter Blog 3.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3538.jpgMichelle Kersey Photography Rechter Blog 5.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3567.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3571.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3569.jpgMichelle Kersey Photography Rechter Blog 6.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3578.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3586.jpgMichelle Kersey Photography Rechter Blog 7.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3603.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3613.jpgMichelle Kersey Photography Rechter Blog 8.jpgMichelle Kersey Photography Rechter Blog 11.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3664.jpgMichelle Kersey Photography Rechter Blog 9.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3645.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3678.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3738.jpgRechter Fall 2014 For Web-3759.jpgMichelle Kersey Photography Rechter Blog 10.jpg


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