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Baby Girl W | Lifestyle Newborn Portraits | Louisville, KY Photographer

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.”

I don’t think I could adore this family and this session any more. From beginning to end, the love that was evident just cut straight to my heart. I honestly have no words other than “Thank you.” Thank you for letting me in and allowing me to capture with my camera what your heart feels. Your family is so beautiful.

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Baby Ariana | Newborn Photography | Louisville, KY

Oh sweet baby Ariana! I loved every minute of your sweet session. While there were lots of feedings. Lot’s of alert time. A few tears… but it was all just in the normal course of life as a new baby!
I loved capturing all the natural moments of this new little life. Mom and Dad are such naturals at this parenting thing. So supportive of one another. It’s so easy to feel at a loss on what to do with a newborn… but having one another to lean on will take these two so far. The visible love between them has only grown in size since our maternity session.
I also loved watching and capturing sweet Ariana’s doggie siblings. It can be a difficult balance bringing a baby into a home with such loved pups, but you become resourceful… and the pups do too. A new normal becomes sitting in a chair with your baby in arms, while your feet pet your dog. A new joy becomes catching the little smiles, that we all know are probably gas, but melt our heart regardless. I loved capturing all of these little moments… freezing them in time…

Compton Newborn WEB-9022.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9024.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9073.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9113.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9079.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9119.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9117.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9089.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9159.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9164.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9155.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9149.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9170.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9176.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9367-2.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9399.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9221.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9245.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9258.jpgCompton Newborn WEB-9288.jpg

It filled my heart with joy to be allowed into this home, these lives… to capture the real, beautiful moments of having a newborn. Snuggles. Kisses. Love.

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Baby Jaxon | Louisville, KY Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Meet Baby Jaxon! He came into the world right before Thanksgiving and was welcomed with so much love!! I loved our session and capturing this cute little man. He was  so at ease in his mommas arms while she rocked him to sleep. Moments I’m sure this momma has had many times since our session. Ultimately, this blog post really needs no words. The pictures say it all.

Pure. Bliss.

Jaxon Newborn For Web-7745-2.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-7749-2.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-7770.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-7776.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-7802.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-7816.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-8150.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-7834.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-7844.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-7886.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-7978-2.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-7984-2.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-8020-2.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-8042.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-8065-2.jpgJaxon Newborn For Web-8118-2.jpg

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2013 Year in Review

To all the amazingly wonderful people that graced my camera in 2013…. THANK YOU!! Thank you so much for putting your trust in me to capture you, your family, your child, your event, or even your business product! I am beyond grateful for each and every one of you. Here’s to an amazing 2014!!

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A look back…

I just wanted to raise a glass and say THANK YOU to all those that have graced the front of my camera in 2012. It’s been a wonderful year.

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