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Introduction to Lightroom | Louisville, KY | Photography Class

March 2015 Web-8727

Adobe’s Lightroom is an amazing software program that not only allows you to process the images you take, but easily and efficiently organize all of your images. If you are ready to take your photography to the next level by learning how to process your images, then join me March 21, 2015!

With a focus on the Library and Develop Modules, you will learn how to import, organize, process, and export images. As well as have the opportunity to have an image of yours processed in class.

March 21, 2015


Cost is $75 per person.

This class will be held in Jeffersontown, KY and it limited to 6 attendees.

Contact Michelle at to sign up for the class!

Attendees are encouraged, not required, to bring their own computer with Lightroom installed to get hands on experience during instruction time.

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Coward Extended Family Portraits | Louisville, KY Photographer

The holidays are such a special time of year, a time for gathering with loved ones that live near and far. This was the case with this awesome family. Cali’s husband is serving our country in the Military and when they were home to visit for Thanksgiving + Christmas in one trip, they also snuck in an extended family session! This visit was the first time Cali’s grandpa had seen his first great grandson. It was also the first time Grandma got to feed her first grandchild ice cream, which is something she had been looking forward to! What grandma doesn’t want to spoil their grandchild with yummy things like ice cream. It’s their right as a grandparent. 😉
We also spent some time with Cali’s dad and he brought along their childhood dog for Kelsi, Cali’s sister, to get a picture with. She loved him something fierce. I know these pictures mean the world to this whole family and I was so blessed to work with them. Such an insanely happy and fun bunch of people!

extended family session.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5344.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5539.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5364.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5351.jpggrandma and aunt.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5481.jpgmother daughters.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5488.jpgdad.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5527.jpggrandpa aunt pet.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5540.jpgfirst ice cream.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5567.jpggrandparents.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5590.jpgCoward Extended Family 2014 FOR WEB-5592-2.jpg

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Adkins Fall Family Portraits | Louisville, KY Photographer

So hard to put into words how much I adore these people. I’ve been photographing their growing family for a couple years now and each time is different and wonderful. We lucked out with the weather this time! Not too cold, not too hot! Yay Kentucky for giving us a good day! We’ve experienced it all since we have a session twice a year. May for big brothers birthday and November for little sisters birthday.

This year, we also snuck in a mini session to get some images of Miss Ava before her first birthday bash… mama worked very hard on this set up and in preparing for Ava’s first birthday. I think she did a marvelous job! I had the pleasure of being invited to Ava’s birthday party and got to see all the images from this mini session around the room! Made me so happy!

Adkins Ava - Wonderland WEB-1517.jpgAdkins Ava - Wonderland WEB-1535.jpgAdkins Ava - Wonderland WEB-1543.jpgAdkins Ava - Wonderland WEB-1571.jpg

About a month after our tea party session, I got to see the whole family! I can’t believe Ava is ONE! And Liam is going to be FOUR at our next session. Nope. I simply don’t believe it. Why must babies grow!?

Adkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4276.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4316.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4326.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4276 copy.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4376.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4411.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4437.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4470.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4460.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4276 2.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4492.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4497.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4504.jpgCoffeeShop-Storyboard-c55.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4649.jpgCoffeeShop-Storyboard.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4697.jpgAdkins Fall 2014 For WEB-4731.jpg

P.S. I don’t think Ava liked her smash cake one bit….

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Gunter Family Portraits | Louisville, KY Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting the Gunter family last fall for their family portraits! They have three insanely kind and sweet children. I loved watching their interactions with each other and how they look out for one another. We had such a great time exploring our location, especially Cole! While we were taking a brief break for a diaper change, I spotted Cole climbing and exploring the area we were in. I couldn’t resist capturing him in his “natural habitat” of being an adventurous little man. At the end of our session, mom had a special request… she wanted a picture of them in their UK gear. I was more than happy to oblige, be true to your school, right?! I can’t promise I’ll do this for Cards fans though… 🙂

Gunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2003.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2010.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2064.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2048-c53.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2050-2-c74.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2072.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2029 copy.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2091.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2157.jpgGunter-October-2014-Full-Resolution-2148-bw.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2118.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2246 copy-c76.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2201.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2180-2.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2221.jpgGunter October 2014 FOR WEB-2246 copy.jpg

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Compton 6 Month Portraits

I loved catching up with one of my newborn babies and seeing how much sweet baby Adriana had grown. She’s an absolute doll! Her cute little smile, her cute little piggy toes, even her cute little serious face… Love it all. I could just eat her up!

Ariana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7190.jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7188 copy.jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7226.jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7282.jpgAriana Compton 6mo .jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7296.jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7433.jpgAriana Compton 6mo FOR WEB-7397.jpg

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