“My husband and I debated about whether or not to have custom newborn photos taken.  We thought we might be able to take them ourselves but soon realized that we were not skilled enough to capture how beautiful our baby girl really is.  Our pictures never actually looked like our daughter in our minds.  Deciding to have Michelle Kersey take Riley’s first photographs was the best decision we ever made.  The experience was amazing.  Michelle took care of everything and just told us to sit back and relax.  Michelle exhibited so much patience with Riley as the difficulty of getting a newborn to pose can be tremendous.  When she had our daughter in the first pose, I began to tear up.  This was our first baby; such a precious girl that we had been waiting for so long to arrive and the moment would be captured forever.  My husband and I will never forget that photography session.  It allowed us to slow down from busy life and celebrate the birth of our daughter all the while reminding us of how blessed we truly are.

The quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” rings true to me since having pictures of Riley taken and the quality of the photographs are so amazing that the newborn pictures will be artwork on our walls for forever.

Since the newborn pictures, we took family photos around Christmas as well.  Michelle was able to capture all of the sweet faces Riley makes from blowing raspberries to her adorable smile.  This was it, our first photograph as a family.

It’s been eight months now and Riley has grown so quickly.  As my memory gets foggy of what Riley was like only a few months ago, I have the custom photography from Michelle Kersey to look back on.  Custom photography is an important investment to me.  It is an investment to remember the experience my husband and I have had as a mother and father and the joy our baby girl brings to us everyday.

Thank you Michelle for allowing us the opportunity to look back on the sweet moments of our little Riley.  Something we will be able to do for the rest of our lives.” Melinda P.


“While this letter is long overdue, I still cannot find the exact words I need to tell you how much I cherish every single picture you have taken of our family. After our first session, Ethan’s newborn portraits, we knew you were the photographer for us! Five photo sessions later….seems you’re not getting rid of us anytime soon!
You take your time to make the best picture possible. Many times I have wondered how you have gotten a picture at all between two toddler boys going in different directions, meltdowns, and shoes floating down a creek… Bottom line, I am amazed every time. We have received countless compliments on all the photographs you have taken. Your photos capture the little things that mean so much to a mother’s heart, the sparkle of their eyes, their personality through expressions, the tenderness of newborn skin, and the beauty you can find in ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes. When I look at my photographs I do not see my children posing for the camera, I see them, in the moment, being who they truly are.
While it has only been a little over a year time since our first photo session it still amazes me how much my children have changed. I am so thankful that I have your photography to look back on to remind me of all the wonderful memories.” Allison C.


“We chose Michelle Kersey as our photographer after reviewing her work. I personally fell in love with her quirky creative takes on family/children photos. To say the least, she did not disappoint at our session. She not only was able to relate to my three young boys, but she was able to capture their individual personalities. She also picked the perfect location that kept my boys interests and she came prepared with a personally built tee pee just for them. It was a memorable experience with Michelle and the end product was a treasury of beautiful photos.” Mandy H.


 “Michelle, I am so glad I purchased these canvases from your etsy shop! I absolutely love them and get so many compliments on them from everyone who comes to my home.” Anita M.


“My family had the pleasure of not one but two great photo sessions with Michelle. We scheduled to have family and birthday portraits of my kiddos done, and our first session was cut short due to rain…so the very next day we were back at it! Michelle was so patient and great to work with! The photos she captured of my kiddos truly showed their very different personalities and spunky brother/sister relationship. The family portraits turned out great and will always hold a special place in my heart, shortly after I had the photos printed I found out that I was pregnant again (and had been during the photo shoot) unfortunately my pregnancy ended in miscarriage, and that very special photo will always keep me connected. I am so thankful for this photo shoot and that I will always have such sweet pictures to remember these times of our life.” Carla T.

louisville KY photography


“I had photos of both kids done by Michelle and I highly highly recommend her. I am bad about having pictures done of the kids. I’ve only had T’s done one other time and never had L’s done (I know…horrible). We went to Anchorage Trail for these on a great fall day. L was super tired and grumpy so I feared the worst but Michelle was so patient with us and took all the time necessary to get really great shots. T is all boy so he was all over the place and he’s usually very camera shy but he loved her and was hamming it up. At the end of the session he even held her hand walking out of the park. 😀  All the shots were absolutely gorgeous and I had a terrible time deciding which to pick. It was such a great experience and I’m trying to talk the rest of my family into having family photos done since we’ve never done so.
If you’re looking for someone to take photographs of your family than Michelle is your gal.” Kati B.


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Michelle! She was so patient with our 1 year old that had no desire to have pictures taken that day. Michelle just went along with it and snapped the moments that we thought weren’t going to turn into anything, but Michelle was able to capture a moment that I don’t ever want to forget! Not only was she amazing during the session, but the product that she gave us is priceless! She has an amazing eye for capturing all of life’s different moments and turning them into beautiful memories.” Staci O.


“When my husband and I adopted our daughter of course we snapped pictures of every move she made but none of them compared to those that Michelle took. She has a real gift and it certainly shows in her work. The pictures that she took of Brooke truly capture the beauty and simplicity of a newborn. Michelle came back to take six month pictures of her and there is one in particular that still hangs on our wall today. Brooke’s personality shines right through the picture to the point where you feel like you are really looking at her. There is no price that I can put on these pictures because they remind me of more than just that moment in time….they remind me of every emotion I felt in becoming a mother.” Dana P.

louisville ky child photographer


“Michelle Kersey has got to be one of the most natural photographic talents out there. She was able to work with my family’s crazy schedule and meet in a location that was quite a drive for her. She also was a saint when it came to photographing our 18 month old. He was in no mood for pictures that day, yet she was able to capture so many amazing shots of him and of the family. I was so impressed with the outcome of that day when I was sure there was nothing that would have been worth framing. I appreciate all of her hard work and dedication to making memories for families. I am so glad we were able to have Michelle take our family portrait and have been recommending her to everyone I know. Thanks Michelle!” Stephanie S.


“Wow, where do I even start? Michelle and I have been friends for years so when she said she was starting a photography company I was excited for her and couldn’t wait to book a session. I was blown away by the quality of pictures she produced at that first session. Although she only had her business for a few months, her quality, professionalism, creativity and the all around experience surpassed that of the other photographers I had used for our family in recent years.  I immediately booked her for a newborn and two year old session (6 months in advance)!

That next session still leaves me speechless. Michelle was able to beautifully capture such a magical time in our lives! Moms, you know how fast that newborn stage fades. Michelle captured the essence of having a new baby in a way that I literally can just look at those pictures and feel how tiny he was, smell that new baby smell and be transported back to that time! 

I’ve found that being a mom herself, Michelle understands how to work through the sometimes chaotic, uncooperative times with young toddlers and infants…and she does so with patience and ease! She doesn’t mind to take a break while you nurse a baby or stop and let a toddler play with trains or eat a snack. She understands their needs above all else! At times I wonder how it is possible to get even one good picture and she amazes you with 20! 

Michelle is creative, imaginative, innovative and fun and it shows in all of her work.  She comes up with fun poses and ideas for each session while still being able to catch something in the moment. She can see and capture something magical in the blink of an eye…you won’t even know it happened until you see the picture!

Our family has had 3 sessions with Michelle. While we may have gone to her the first time because of our friendship, we continue to go back because of her work. She is an amazing photographer and we are incredibly thankful for all that she has captured over the last 18 months in our family. Memories and photos we will cherish forever.” Kate M.

Louisville, KY Child and Family Photographer