What To Wear

The first question after scheduling a session is “What should we wear?”

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your session.


  • Try to avoid busy patterns on clothing as well as cartoon characters or clothes with any words.
  • Pick an outfit for one person with a simple pattern and colors you like, and then coordinate everyone else from there.
  • Pick a neutral, a common color, and a pop of color.
  • You’ll want to look great from head to toe, so don’t ignore the footwear. When in doubt, go barefoot.


  • I recommend newborns to be nude or in a diaper cover only. No matter the size, clothing tends to swallow a newborn and can look very awkward in a photo. A nude (or diaper covered) newborn will ensure timeless photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.
  • I encourage parents and siblings to be a part of the newborn session. With that, I recommend very basic clothing, solid color shirts, and either jeans or khakis.

I’m a visual person, so here are some examples to get your stylish juices flowing.


c15-gjqf4jcq.jpgwhat to wear vintage.jpgwhat to wear 50s.jpgwhat to wear casual.jpgwhat to wear seniors.jpgwhat to wear mother dauther.jpgwhat to wear maternity.jpgwhat to wear baby toddler.jpgwhat to wear sibling winter.jpgwhat to wear fall 2.jpgWhat to wear fall family.jpgwhat to wear fall.jpgwhat to wear spring.jpg